Zombie Virus Spreading in Africa

Think zombie viruses are farfetched? Recently there has been an outbreak in Uganda that has turned children into mindless “zombies” and experts conflict as to the cause of the illness. Apparently it leaves children with no hope of a cure and some rather violent symptoms (which has been debated according to CNN).

They are calling this mysterious zombie like affliction “nodding disease”. It is a confusing illness that had infected thousands of children in the northern regions of Uganda and it brings on seizures, violent behavior, personality changes and various other curious and tragic symptoms in children.

You can read more about this baffiling zombie like virus at dailytech.com, but preliminary research suggests it has alarming similarities with the common perception of the zombie virus. Reality suggests that this will just be another dude like swine or avian flu, but keeping people updated to possible post apocalyptic scenarios is the purpose of this site so we are going to hype this story as much as MSNBC would hype Michelle Obama’s fashion sense.

When children contract this mysterious disease, apprently they suddenly freak out and the villages have restrained the children with cloth restraints. The infected children gnaw and bite at the fabric restraints in a manner that many observers consider “zombiesque”.

nodding disease affected child displaying zombie like bitingThis mysterious disease cannot be traced to a particular cause although experts originally believed it was carried by a particular fly species, until at least 7% of the victims were found to have not lived in an area populated by these biting flies.

Medication is ineffective in preventing the disease and the children affected by the disease appear to rapidly progress to a state of zombie like incoherence which renders the infected children incapable of normal activities.

In response to a question about the zombie virus spreading to America, one of the main student researchers offered this answer:

“People complain that it looks like the lives in developing countries have less value than the lives in the western countries. When you know the root cause, you address the cure. Now you are just relieving the symptoms. We don’t expect to cure anybody.”

The fact is major western governments do not give a shit about African kids; they are focused on their own economic issues. The frightening thing about all of this is that these same African kids that the Western governments choose to ignore may be the root cause of the spread of this nodding zombie virus in the west, which will surely prompt western governments to take action.

Note: During the course of writing this article CNN has stepped back from their inflammatory zombie tone and made the article less sensational.

Unfortunately for CNN incendiary zombie talk is definitely going to make the front page of postapocalypticsurvival.com.

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2 Responses to Zombie Virus Spreading in Africa

  1. cindy says:

    DDT would probably save many in Africa

  2. Shezza says:

    Look up this new drug called ‘cloud nine’ there has been three cases recently of zombie-like behaviour.

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