The Best Survival Knife Under 100$.

Hello folks, been on a little hiatus lately due to numerous projects I have going on but I wanted to chime in with my thoughts on the best survival knife under 100 dollars along with a little insight as to why I came to this conclusion. Actually you may be surprised that the survival knife I believe to be the best is MUCH cheaper than 100$ and it is of comparable quality to knives three times more expensive.

As you may know if you have followed my site over the years, I was always a huge fan of the USMC Ka-Bar Fighting knife. I used this knife for years and its large size never bothered me, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that for most camp tasks it is really a lot larger than necessary. It after all is a fighting knife. It is still an exceptional knife and I still highly recommend it, but after the TSA confiscated my Ka-Bar I decided to try something different.

The knife that I purchased after that unfortunate run in with airport security was the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion. I have never looked back. This is without a doubt the best survival knife under 100 dollars for SHTF. It is incredibly versatile and built like a tank.

The spine is a full quarter inch thick! It is not to long and it is sturdy enough to chop, yet fine enough for delicate cutting tasks around camp. The design is brilliant in many ways, for example the tang comes all the way out of the handle and can be used to hammer and pummel.

Best Survival Knife under 100

This is a serious survival knife and perfect for your bug out bag, camping or hiking. It is a little over 10 inches long over all, with a blade length of 5.5 inches. It is light weight for how massive it is, but it is definitely not a ultra light, dinky knife. It splits kindling and can still skin game without feeling awkward in either situation.

Best Survival Knife Under 100 Thick SpineBest Survival KnifeI wrote a lengthy review on the Becker BK-2 over at so I am going to keep this short. In terms of construction, durability and functionality this is simply the best survival knife under 100$ period. Check out the reviews on it below.


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  1. Chris says:

    I bought a BK2 and stripped it of the coating, stonewashed the entire blade, put my own custom hardwood scales on it with corby bolts, I also put jimping on the spine with a jewelers file, only thing I used was the sheath, I attached a firesteel and a teklok. ( also added a knife lanyard )

    BTW I think the Becker line of knives are without doubt the best value on the PLANET, they lend themselves so well to modding that in their basic form can be inexpensively pimped up for little cost, the crovan 1095 steel holds and excellent edge and has the right amount of Vanadium in there to allow optimal edge use, the knives themselves beat value for money any other manufacturer ( including Ontario) which cost more ! ( even with Ontario the sheaths are crap ) Becker sheaths are not much good, that is the one weak spot the nylon sheaths, but its not a biggie, make your own kydex or pay for one from any one of some really good kydex suppliers out there.

    I have a BK9 and a BK7 , brilliant knives for the money ! as a hard bush craft knife user who has been carrying bush craft knives for over 35 years, I would highly recommend Becker knives.

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