The Top 5 Post Apocalyptic Weapons

When you think about post apocalyptic survival what is the first thing that comes to mind? I bet it is not water purification or firecraft. It is post apocalyptic weapons.

Why is this the case? Because everyone thinks they are going to just go around kicking ass after the apocalypse. Every post apocalyptic movie involves weapons of some sort and somebody who knows how to use them. There is something alluring about this world with no government, no structure, just right and wrong a blurred line between them. This is what attracts people to the post apocalyptic genre in the first place.

Some people see this vision after the apocalypse as dark, decrepit and void of most of the traces of what we think makes humanity.

Post Apocalyptic Weapons

Other people see a chance to rebuild again, something new and better in the wake of the apocalyptic disaster. Everyone knows the chances of survival are greatly decreased if you are not prepared with the proper post apocalyptic weapons to fend off marauders, zombies, the government or the people who were less prepared than you were…

This is what is so attractive about these type of scenarios. It is not what car you drive, what job you have or what fancy degree you acquired. It is not what is in your wallet that makes you who you are. It is what you are made of a man and what you are willing to do to survive no matter what.

Firearms are great and I recommend everybody has several of them. Guns won’t last forever though, and in certain circumstances you may not be able to fire a gun without attracting too much attention. This is why you need to have other post apocalyptic weapon options.

Without further adieu, here are the top 5 post apocalyptic weapons.

1. Shotgun. Get a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun with a stock, not a pistol grip. Remington 870 is also an amazing shotgun but slightly more expensive if you are on a budget.

2. Pistol. You need a pistol in a common caliber. I like 9 mm personally for more rounds in the clip and because I don’t suck at aiming. 45 caliber is great as well and maybe you feel better with the stopping power but research has shown you are pretty much fucked with either a 9 or a 45 at close range. I like Glock I know a lot of people hate them but it is just simply the toughest gun for the most reasonable price.

3. Rifle. Pretty much everybody says get an AR-15. AR-15 is an awesome platform but I literally hate cleaning them and they fire a relatively small round albeit very accurately. If they are dirty they start to fuck up though so if it is really SHTF post apocalyptic I roll with AK-47 if I can only choose one. Bury it for 5 years, dig it up, the damn thing will still shoot. Rugged reliability.

4. Machete. I like the Kukri machete design because it feels like I am getting more power per swing with the curved blade. You can get a machete so cheap on Amazon and they are rugged as hell for the price. Get the Ka Bar Kukri machete if you wanna spend a little more money, get the Cold Steel Kukri Magnum Machete if you want a budget post apocalyptic weapon that packs a punch.

5. Knife. Get a quality survival knife. If you look around this site you will see that I often recommend the USMC Ka Bar. That has traditionally been my favorite knife but recently I discovered and purchased a Smith and Wesson knife for half the price that is tough as nails.

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Judah Hamilton is a apocalyptic survival expert. He is a political strategist, inventor, author, avid reader and corporate hack. In his spare time he is a welder, sheet metal fabricator and primitive survival skills expert. All of this aside, he is best known for his drunken, whiskey-induced rants on a variety of topics on post apocalyptic
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2 Responses to The Top 5 Post Apocalyptic Weapons

  1. spencer g says:

    very Smart I must say. however if you are in a place where you need to not make to much noise, but need a ranged weapon, I would choose a cross/compound bow or slingshot. If your going to get a sling shot, don’t get those dinky little target practice ones. Man up and get a hunting grade one or hunting grade wrist rocket.

  2. Jamie says:

    I would also recommend exercising your imagination, and making your own, improvised weapons. Guns are loud, and as detering as they are, can also attract unwanted attention. While an improvised weapon (blunt or bladed, projectile or melee) can be unassuming when caught off guard, or to hide in plain sight.
    Also, another mistake I am seeing a LOT of people make is slacking in practice. Practice with your weapons. Being lucky isn’t always good enough.
    Personally, I prefer bladed weapons of various lengths, but that’s mostly by choice, it’s also because firearms are restricted in my area.

    While I personally dislike the Glock, my only reason is due to it’s popularity, and over abundance of faith in it by people who know nothing. (as in, Fiddy Cent Wannabe down the street) Oh, they know about the slide, but they fail to grasp the force with which it kicks back. I do hope I won’t be picking it up off someone who severed their thumb with it in an attempt to kill me some day after the SHTF. ;-)
    Nice post. Good luck, and stay safe.

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