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Post apocalyptic movies are heavily covered on the internet and I will get around to them on this website eventually, but I was searching for a good source on post apocalyptic shows and realize that there is precisely dick available on the internet. The sites I found were people trying to sell me DVDs, and I am not buying a fucking DVD I want shows I can either watch on netflix or download like every other red blooded American.

I also got the sense that these assholes writing these “post apocalyptic tv show guides” seemed like they never actually watched the shows because their reviews were basically scraped from IMDB. So I got to thinking, let me provide a list of post apocalyptic shows that are available on netflix or downloadable on the internet for free since I am assuming the fans of this site have more than two synaptic fires a day in their brains.

I also am not gonna claim I watched every show on this list, I will physically note to you that I have not watched the show and I am not going to give some three fingered hand job review on a show I haven’t watched. That’s against my policy. I have not really decided on how this post apocalyptic show guide will be laid out, if it will include shitty shows and well as good shows and separate them, or if it will be shows I’ve watched and then shows I haven’t.

The Post Apocalyptic Show List

I suppose since I am hungover this post apocalyptic show guide will be more or less random and it will metastasize into whatever shitty form it ends up as, but I hope that you, the reader will find some shred of use from this piss poor guide.

A ton of post apocalyptic survival information can come from movies, shows and novels even if they are fictional assuming they were written from someone who is interested in the genre and survivalism in general. Any who as usual I am rambling at the beginning so much that you are probably so pissed off you won’t even look at the rest of this post but hey I suck at the internet so hopefully you will enjoy my stupid post apocalyptic show guide.

1. The Walking Dead

Since I watch this show religiously, and even my wife likes it for Christ sakes, I am listing The Walking Dead as number 1 for post apocalyptic shows. Mainly because it is actually on TV right now and you can watch the shows you have missed on netflix to catch up.

This show is a zombie apocalypse based show that has pretty much everything that anyone interested in post apocalyptic survival could ever want (at least the entertaining stuff). This show is about a group of survivors after a major zombie outbreak where all information is dead and they are trying to survive while hordes of zombies are trying to eat their fucking brains. The zombies are your prototypical, somewhat slow moving, zombies who infect you with their bite.

This makes for kick ass post apocalyptic tv, and I love this show but in my characteristic sarcastic asshole style I have tone qualm with the show that I usually have with zombie crap. How the fuck did the disease spread so quickly and widespread if kids can fucking outrun the zombies.  The only explanation is that maybe when somebody you love becomes a zombie you are too stupid to fucking kill them and you want to give them a hug. My wife and I have discussed this, if I become a zombie I fully expect her to blow my fucking head off as quick as possible and she knows I would afford her the same gratitude. Back to the show

The beauty of the show though is that it really gives you a sense of how post apocalyptic survival would be in the situation. They need to get supplies, hunt, protect themselves not just from zombies but from other people who are starving and at the end of their rope as well. The different characters really represent a wide range of different attitudes and personalities that you would see normally in every day life which makes for a great show. If you don’t watch this show, I suggest you stop what your doing and watch it immediately to get caught up. It shows on Sunday nights on AMC and like I said it is also available on netflix.

2. Jericho

This is another post apocalyptic show that my wife also enjoyed (they are hard to come by). Jericho kicks ass and I know it had a huge fan based that was pissed off the show got cancelled, but luckily it is another post apocalyptic show available on netflix.

Jericho’s premise is post apocalyptic survival after a nuclear war and it is based in the fictional town of Jericho, Wyoming ( if I remember correctly). I loved this show, it showed how a town could pull together after a major nuclear war and it was full of twists and turns. It made me kind of pissed off about the town I live in, because it used to be similar and it expanded so much that I know I would more or less be defending my house from my neighbors instead of the sense of community that develops in small town America.

This show has a lot of the realistic situations that Americans would face after a series of nuclear explosions. I highly recommend this post apocalyptic show, watch it on netflix you will love it and to the fans of the show who are pissed off like me, wtf are they waiting for? Release a movie already or restart the show!

3. Jeremiah

Here is the first show in this post apocalyptic show guide that I admit I did not watch the whole series. Let me tell you why. This show sucks donkey balls. I literally tried to like this show and could not. It has an inherent Sci-Fi channel cheesiness that could have possibly been avoided had not they cast Luke Perry and that other dick off the Cosby show.

This show is about a world where something kills all the adults and the kids have grown up to rebuild. Asshole Luke Perry is the main character but he was too much of a pussy pap smear to save his brother and the show is about him crying and being and being a pussy. Well not really but that was my take on it and it is why I didn’t finish the series.

The only positive thing I have to say about the series is you will be watching, wondering why you are watching and then they will randomly show you some tities or something and you will be like “that’s pretty cool I saw some titties in a show that does not really seem like I would see titties in it.  That’s really all I’ve got. Oh yea and this, fuck you Luke Perry your a dick.

4. Survivors

This show comes from our limey British friends across the pond. I’m only kidding to my 2 or 3 British readers, we like the UK in America a lot more than we like most of your liberal, socialist neighbors. This show is about a viral outbreak that pretty much ruins shit in the UK and a group of people have to deal with the inevitable post apocalyptic world and survival in it.

I don’t love this show, but I don’t hate it. It is watchable and decent and pretty realistic. I just cannot fully get into it and I am not sure why. It definitely his the post apocalyptic survival note and I know it is a very popular show with a large fan base so I recommend you watch this show, which is a remake of the original post apocalyptic classic survivors.

I think my only problem with it was there is a lack of complete badassness too it, very little killing and fucking shit up, but it does give you a good sense of the post apocalyptic world and I do admire this show. If I was giving stars I would give this a 6/10 stars but I’m not giving stars you idiot I haven’t given anything else stars have it.

This post apocalyptic show is also on netflix so watch it instead of Keeping up with Kardashians, homo.

5. Threads

In our quest for the best post apocalyptic shows, the next on the list (and I have just realized this list is not in a specific order) is Threads. This is another classic from our British friends that originally aired as a TV Drama basically to discourage nuclear war. This show kicked ass. It is like a made for TV movie and not a series but it is raw, real and post apocalyptic as you can get.

This movie will blow your mind with its fuckedupness. The plot is America and USSR go to full all out nuclear war and the UK gets hit with nuclear weapons from Russia to destroy American military assets. It focuses on regular people trying to survive the onslaught and it is definitely worth watching. The wife didn’t like this film enough to continue watching it, but I loved it.

It is dated and it is very Cold War, but it is a great, honest social commentary on post apocalyptic life after a nuclear war.

6. The Colony

The Colony is an awesome post apocalyptic show on the Discovery channel that focuses on real life people who are put in a situation where they have to survive using only the remains of society. It is a reality show but it is incredible for learning post apocalyptic survival skills.

The show has a variety of Engineers, Nurses, Doctors, Handymen and other people with normal skills trying to rebuild and survive after the collapse of society. I realized from watching this show that engineers are the shit and you should be friends with them because of their incredible problem solving abilities.

This show gives you a good sense of how people would act after the apocalypse and gives you some amazing do-it-yourself ideas that I will never forget if the shit really hits the fan. This show is available on netflix and it is absolutely worth watching.

7. Doomsday Preppers

I don’t really know if I can classify this as a “post apocalyptic show” because it isn’t after the apocalypse but it certainly is about preparing for it. This show is pretty interesting because it chronicles the lives of “preppers” and what they are doing to prepare for the apocalypse.

This show can give you some great post apocalyptic ideas that you can keep in your memory bank or start practicing but there are also a lot of nut jobs who make survivalists look retarded on this show. I get the sense from this show that Nation Geographic is sort of tongue in cheek making fun of these people, but I take this shit seriously and I really do think prepping for survival is an intelligent hobby for people who do not want their families to ever become a genetic dead end.

If you consider this a post apocalyptic show I would like to know, I figured it was close enough to add it to the list. Which brings me to the next show:

8. Doomsday Bunkers

This post apocalyptic show “Doomsday Bunkers” is Discovery channels attempt to knock off the popular National Geographic series “Doomsday Preppers”. I could go into some lengthy diatribe but you could read the above description and apply it here completely.


This is the post apocalyptic show list so far, I will add more but all that is flowing through my head right now is post apocalyptic movies so let me marinate my brain for a day or two and I will chime back in with more post apocalyptic shows.

I hope you enjoyed this list, got any good recommendations? Leave a comment!

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5 Responses to Post Apocalyptic Shows

  1. john says:

    the preppers show is lame and there is no word preppers i watched 2 shows 1 couple had a fiberglass shelter away from their house a couple hundred from the house in a dc suburb it flooded and a geek from texas sold him a $50,000 grave an underground bunker with some booby traps at the only entrance no escape tunnel and a flame thrower hidden as a railing only a complete moron would try going in the hatch throw 5 gallons of gas and a propane cylinder and it will blow at about 30 sticks of dynamite the owner plans to snipe at 4 2nd story windows in a house a m1 could shoot thought the long ways using the window sill as a gun rest his family is toast the same texas geek makes an above ground pyramid thats impregnable please it’t not as armored as a bradley he gets the local fire department to suit him up with a fire suit and o2 it fills with with smoke how long can you live in smoke after the o2 runs out spray iit with foam crack filler come back three days later and use a cutting torch to cut a back door or knook it over with a trackor total amature hour

    • Apocalyptic Admin says:

      I absolutely agree. I wrote a post about this somewhere, how they literally pick the dumbest white trash to make a mockery of people who are concerned about survival.  Anyone who has an inkling of historical or tactical knowledge knows that a cave is a grave and castles became fortified mass graves under siege. I think that Nat Geo picks people they think will fit the bill of “crazy survivalists” to make a joke of something that can actually be taken seriously by normal people.

      On top of that… what is with making them select a “specific doomsday scenario” just so Nat Geo can say “experts agree that bla bla bla is unlikely”. Please. If you are prepared you are prepared.

      You are not a “prepper” you are smart. People who have never given a second though to any type of off grid survival will just become genetic dead ends.

      I owe it to my wife and son to make sure we can handle any possible scenario with a level head.

      Anyways, thanks for the comment man.

  2. Trev says:

    couple more for you to view
    The last train
    the day of the triffids

    • Apocalyptic Admin says:

      I actually have the day of the triffids, its that English movie about plants from outerspace or something right? I have never watched it but I picked it up thanks for the recommendations. I haven’t heard of the last train.

  3. being prepared isn’t a bad thing well seeing as the news is becoming more and more scary by the exacting minute i don’t see anything with being a prep king haaa my little word sorry but yes there is an air of what the double h stick’s is going on here see ya being a prepper shouldn’t be about flash and t’v and there disobeying the one rule all prepper’s know all too well opsec see ya never expose what you have never

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