Post Apocalyptic Prediction: It’s the Economy Stupid.

From time to time I get a kick out of watching shows about post apocalyptic predictions. Everybody knows exactly how and when the world is going to collapse and they all have had one thing in common so far.

They all have a 100% failure rate. Don’t get me wrong I take this shit relatively seriously and I don’t mean to discount anyone’s predictions or beliefs. That would be like the pot calling the kettle black considering I am sitting here sharpening my machete with my son and wife staring at me (occasionally questioning my sanity).

However I do have some issues with the subject and you are about to hear about them whether you like it or not.

How come if you watch Doomsday Preppers or some of these history channel shows, they always get the weirdest fucking guy possible. I mean seriously, they pick people based on how stupid their hair cut is.

They don’t interview normal people worried about things like hmm… the economy? The devaluation of the dollar? The global web of connected economies that all suffer because one country has intellectually handicapped leadership? I mean seriously we don’t produce dick in America anymore, our manufacturing is dead or dying and we rely on sweat shop slaves in China to produce goods and ship them here.

What would happen if we lost access to all of this cheap labor and all we are left with is a service economy that doesn’t even produce a fraction of the products we all need? You probably couldn’t even wipe your ass, literally. If you work in an American toilet paper factory, correct me if I am wrong.

Most of you, just for even finding this website probably consider self reliance a pretty useful, noble and important trait. I mean I highly doubt you are on the government dole, you probably don’t trust the government very much and you shouldn’t.

So why is economic dependence on a national level sanctioned and accepted? Why should the US depend on China or the UK depend on the rest of the EU. It is pretty stupid if you ask me and I don’t wanna lose you yet so I am not gonna dive into that can of worms. I am sure that the political nature of this post and the amount of liquor I have consumed before writing it is going to lose you soon enough.

I mean sure, their might be a fucking coronal mass injection or a zombie apocalypse; we all pretty much prepare for whatever happens because we enjoy knowing we don’t need society for basic survival.

But the economy? This is something that even toothless-fucking-cretin morons can see is a major powder keg about to blow. I mean, if you live in a western country you probably have a government that spends non stop in some unsustainable model trying to help everyone, only to spread misery equally by punishing success to reward failure.

If you are in the US like I am, your country is not only spending trillions of dollars on bullshit and waste, they are spending trillions of dollars overseas on other peoples bullshit and waste.

How many people who have a debt to income ratio of 100% like the US government are going to be donating a lot of money to charity. None. The US Government however continues to prove it has the collective IQ of an eggplant.

They borrow money because they don’t have any, and they give that money to foreign governments as aid. We borrow money from China and we give China financial aid. Now how fucking stupid is that?

All of this is completely unsustainable and I haven’t even touched on the number one largest most imminently threatening issue the American economy faces: entitlement spending.

This graph is just entitlements, everything else our government spends money on is not included so that “revenue” line is literally already underwater which is why we accumulate higher and higher deficits each year.

We are becoming more and more socialistic as all of the socialists in Europe scramble to become more capitalistic. Their economies are all unsustainable and on the brink of collapse. Once you give entitlements to people you cannot take them away, at least you cannot politically muster the will to do so.

The spending increases faster than the revenue collected; and that’s not even accounting for all of the other stupid fucking government programs and ideas that are implemented to buy uneducated voters by idiots in both parties.

Don’t think for a second I am just railing on Democrats here either, Bush doubled the size of the Department of Education, created the medicare plan D prescription drug nightmare and spent billions looking for monsters to slay abroad without so much as a declaration of war. He created the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Trust me, I hate both parties equally (almost equally) and they are both leading to our inevitable decline and destruction.

We are making every mistake that Rome made, in our wars we do everything opposite of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. We discard what history teaches us and we become more and more uneducated as a culture.

We ignore reality and live in fantasy. Our media pundits suck, sensationalism is news and we have to have competing media outlets that push their own political agenda because we can’t have real honest media and news. So our watchdogs, the media, are busy fighting over a steak while the criminals in D.C. are robbing us blind.

All of this adds up to a very, very bleak outlook for the future. We are dependent on the Middle East for fuel, China for basic goods, Europe for financial stability and most importantly we are dependent upon our citizens in this Republic to be educated enough to make intelligent, rational decisions when they vote. Instead of this paragraphed I could have just put this picture instead.

So now I have to raise my kid in this world, under these conditions and I look for hope in the political process but see none (there is one politician that I love, guess who). This is why for my son, I prepare, for my wife I prepare.

I do not expect it to be as easy for my boy as it has been for me and it was hard as shit for me. It is not the same country my father grew up in or his father before him. I see it as my responsibility, for my family, to be fully capable of protecting and ensuring their survival.

I am a normal guy with a normal job, I am American as apple pie, I do not have a stupid fucking hair cut or wear ying yang necklaces and I will not tell you that I know for sure that coronal mass ejections are going to wipe us all out. But I will tell you that the economic fate of the world is in incompetent hands. I will tell you that the models our governments have created were not sustainable long term and I will tell you that voters in a democracy will never cease to impress you with their stupidity.

Interview me History Channel, I am a real, normal guy and I am prepared for anything. I have been a fucking waiter, a jewelery salesman, a political campaign staffer, a welder, a government contractor and at no point did I think that mastering excel spread sheets or writing political commercials were skills that had real tangible value after this fake system collapses.

Look out your window, you probably see birds flying around and they will survive while your stupid, spread sheet writing ass dies without the comfort of society.

Your high IQ, your IKEA furniture, your Hybrid Prius won’t mean shit when you wake up and your power doesn’t turn on, stores won’t accept your dollars and there is no longer a need for whatever shitty service industry skill you are an expert at.

Unlike the general masses, I don’t falsely assume that the people in D.C. are going to figure everything out because they are such a brilliant little intellectual elite. Sitting in their far distant capital, squandering the foundation of the beautiful republic that has been handed to them, they will always consistently make worse decisions.

I bet there were some Romans after the fall of Rome that were pretty pissed that they laughed at their “uncivilized” neighbor who actually prepared and trained for survival outside of the comforts of the invincible Roman society.

Keep your heads up and your powder dry boys. Thanks for reading. </rant>

Check out the post apocalyptic survival guide for tips on how to prepare.

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Judah Hamilton is a apocalyptic survival expert. He is a political strategist, inventor, author, avid reader and corporate hack. In his spare time he is a welder, sheet metal fabricator and primitive survival skills expert. All of this aside, he is best known for his drunken, whiskey-induced rants on a variety of topics on post apocalyptic
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5 Responses to Post Apocalyptic Prediction: It’s the Economy Stupid.

  1. Survivor says:

    Best thing I’ve seen written on the subject, amen brother.

  2. Great post. I’ve yet to find someone who sums up what I feel lately about the economy (domestic and international), politics (both parties), the media, history, survivalism…all of it…in one place and so succinctly. Plus, you managed to retain your sense of humor. Thanks for a thought-provoking discussion and nice writing!

    • Apocalyptic Admin says:

      Thanks Joan,
      Yea I usually produce a rant like this when I pop a few beers and just hammer away at the keyboard. Usually the news will piss me off or something that I have read.

      Thanks for the compliments and yes I hate both parties but admire certain individuals on both sides of the spectrum.

      Nice site by the way Joan, I encourage you guys who read this blog to check it out, pretty interesting stuff and definitely relevant to the apocalypse!

  3. JustamereBear says:

    It is really amazing how few people realize that the world financial system went bankrupt 17 August 2008. Everything since then has been propaganda designed to make the ever expanding cracks from that explosion appear as not cracks but part of the decoration. It ain’t.

    Right now the money should be running in panic towards the US dollar as a safe haven. But the USD has its own problems. The go around last July about raising the debt ceiling proves conclusively that the US can never repay its debt but must have continually greater amounts of money just to pay the ever growing interest amounts. If the US would have defaulted last year with a smaller overall debt, why would it not default with a larger amount?

    Three more hair raising facts.  1) the fed is already buying 61% or more of thge treasury auction. Lenders are not in a lending mood. This is a very short term solution and cannot continue. 2) China, among most other countries like Russia and the Euro, is “diversifying” out of the US dollar in its reserves. (Read dumping as fast as possible.) China alone in the last two years has reduced its percentage of US dollars in its reserves from 65% to 54%. 11% of their massive reserves is a lot of bucks. Not only that but their trade surplus with the US last year ran in the region of $280 billion times two years equals more than half a trillion. That is money that the US usually sends direct to China. They have managed to reduce their reserves PLUS negate that trade surplus. 3) This latest action against Iran, the US unilaterally cutting off the SWIFT payments meaning that Iran cannot be paid for their products, nor buy any goods from elsewhere. That not only effects Iran, but also those countries they export to. For example Italy, already struggling, buys about 15% of its oil from Iran, has to pay higher prices competeing for oil on the open market, but the trucks and other goods they used to export to Iran to balance their trade deficit has now been cut off their economy. If you think Iran, with a very valuable resource, is simply going to lie down and starve to death, you are mistaken. India, a big customer, has already cut a deal to buy oil using Rupees, goods, and gold. India wasn’t going to take that hit. Too many people already on the edge of starvation. Countries around the world sat up and took notice. If the US could unilaterally take that action against Iran, on a whim they might do so to other countries. The BRICs now have an alternative currency payment set up. China is getting quite insistant that their trade partners trade in Yuan/Renmimbi. The US is rapidly losing its status as world reserve currency. As this happens there are going to be a lot of dollars wanting to come home. Printing even more money isn’t going to help and that is about the only option the US has left.

    I read a novel by Allen Currie called Operation Phoenix at his website which deals with a future that is very similar. It was free to read in its entirety, but I understand he was changing that to a sample read. I recommend it highly.

  4. Blackbeard says:

    You should drink more.  Great writing.

    Too many people still believe politics is a fight between “good” and “evil.”  Its a dog and pony show where Dems and GOPs all serve the same master and it ain’t us.  The only people we can count on are ourselves.  And I sincerely doubt that one politician you like is for real.  I believe he is part of their “controlled dissent” (assuming its the same guy I think it is).

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