The Best Post Apocalyptic Boots

When it comes to survival in a post apocalyptic wasteland, the last thing most people think about is their feet.

I mean, let’s face it, everybody thinks they are going to be riding around on a motorcycle with a pistol grip shotgun, sporting a mohawk and football shoulder pads…

The reality is you might not have any gas, and you will definitely be spending a lot of time on your feet. That is why you better get yourself a half way decent pair of boots and not some stupid walmart shit that some Chinese slave made for an apple. Post apocalyptic boots need to be functional, comfortable and above all durable as shit. What if you are running away from zombies and your sole comes off your shoe? You are fucked, your brains are on the menu and they are being served tar tar. Then while you are a zombie, you will be walking around like a stupid limp dick with a sole hanging off. In all seriousness here are some excellent options for survival boots, don’t be stupid get a pair. If not from the internet try a local sporting goods store, they are usually more expensive there but maybe you are stupid.

The Budget Boots

These boots are cheap and you can even buy several pairs if you are stocking up. They are of decent quality, way better than the price would suggest at least and they are pretty comfortable as well. I bought these boots for my brother because I am a cheap piece of shit but I was actually impressed with the quality for the price. Rothco makes a lot of survival gear and while it isn’t a super amazing brand, it is fairly good and very affordable.

Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Hiking Boot

These are some excellent boots for the money. I got these boots for camping which is how I justify buying shit tons of survival shit to my wife. If you say they are “camping supplies” or “emergency preparedness” then wives are suddenly ok with it. But really you are thinking there is an imminent total economic collapse, complete loss of civil liberties, 2012 doomsday or zombies on the horizon. One day she will be happy that you bought all these “camping supplies” and these boots are a great affordable addition. Hi Tec is a great brand that I trust and the reviews on these shoes speak for themselves. I have a size 13 foot and sometimes shoes that smaller people rave about lose there magic up in the Sasquatch foot range, but I am happy to say these are as comfortable as any boots I have ever owned and they have held up well over the course of several intense hiking trips, showing almost no wear. I would be comfortable with these being my only post apocalyptic survival boots.

Good Old Timberlands

These boots are rugged, dependable and long lasting. I do not currently own this boot but my father prefers these over anything else hes ever worn. You know what you are getting with Timberlands. Perhaps you were looking for something a little more.. post apocalyptic looking?

Welco Combat Boots

I know some people wanna be decked out like the terminator for the end of civilization. I am trying to go a little more low key because I have a wife and child so my strategy is to appear harmless but be armed to the teeth. For those of you who want to be seriously combat ready, go with Welco. They say there are boots and then there are Welco’s.

Affordable Mil Spec boots

Voodoo Tactical has some affordable, tactical mil spec boots available that I have heard nothing but good things about. This is another cheaper option that will not disappoint. And hey, if it does you can send me a nasty e-mail.

These are just a few post apocalyptic boot options to get you thinking, in any event a good pair of boots is a great thing to have on hand.

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3 Responses to The Best Post Apocalyptic Boots

  1. Stephen says:
    Little more spendy but they have both flashy tactical boots and low-key boots. I have three pairs myself, my favorite is this one

  2. Gerry Sellin says:

    As an ex-air force soldier i’ve found that the traditional GP boots, while simple, are by far the most hard wearing and comfortable. I’ve got a pair that i’ve worn for the majority of the last five years and they havent let me down, the soles are getting a bit worn and the leathers a little cracked but i wear them as work boots, which requires me to be on my feet for 8.5 hours non stop. They get mort comfortable with age, although you do have to let them breathe after a sweaty day otherwise you can develop trenchfoot.
    I also have a pair of magnum interceptors, and a pair of general issue Terra boots from when i was in uniform. While all are comfortable, they dont compeat with the good ol’ GP. I also use my boots to take our five dogs for walks, which can get muddy, the GP’s are the easiest to clean, because there is not many overlapping leather, leaving less gaps for mud sand and grime to build up in. It is getting pretty difficult to find a supplier for these boots anymore, as with anything, if it works, the corporations wont sell it because there’s no re-sale prospect. But i have had my pair for close to five years now, and they arent showing any signs of giving up, i got mine for $99aus at my local aussie disposals store. Money well spent if you ask me.
    Hopefully this has helped.

  3. Arron Falknor says:

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