How to Stock Up on Antibiotics For the Apocalypse…

If you live in America, or many other of the worlds industrialized Western nations, you probably have some degree of difficulty obtaining antibiotics. You need to go to a doctor, get a prescription and then get a small amount of antibiotic to treat whatever condition you are diagnosed with. Not only is this expensive, it is time consuming and the Dr.’s have an ethical obligation not to over prescribe antibiotics to keep diseases from developing immunities to them.

I understand this ethical position, and I do not recommend taking antibiotics unless you absolutely need them. That said, this site is about surviving the apocalypse and my goal is to make sure all of the visitors to this site are as prepared as possible to survive no matter what. For this reason I am going to show you how to stock up on antibiotics for doomsday…

And we ain’t talking about ordering sketchy products from questionably legal overseas vendors… we are talking about getting high quality antibiotics without a prescription 100% legally and from trusted American sources with nothing more than a little creative thinking and a few mouse clicks.

How to stockpile antibiotics

Feed and Supply Stores

If you live anywhere even somewhat rural, there probably are some “feed and supply” stores on the outskirts of town. They cater to farmers and people who raise livestock and the great thing is… they have antibiotics for animals on hand that are of the exact same quality as the ones your doctor prescribes.

You can get penicillin over the counter in these places, just walk up and tell them you found a stray cat and it is sick and you want to help it. That is literally what I did to walk out with syringes and penicillin in less than 5 minutes for under 50 bucks.

People take very good care of their horses, cows etc. and many of them do not want to pay astronomical vet bills for all of their animals so they go to these feed supply shops for quick access to antibiotics to treat their animals.

This was my favorite method of obtaining antibiotics without a prescription, until I found out the following method.

Fish Antibiotics

Fish Antibiotics for Apocalypse Survival

Fish Antibiotics will help you survive the apocalypse... who knew?

Unless you are a heroine addict, jamming a syringe into yourself is probably not something you are really looking forward too. For this reason I wanted to diversify my stockpile and get real antibiotic pills.

I found out that you can buy fish antibiotics on eBay and it is real Amoxicillin for your “fish”…

Well it says on the label it is not for human consumption but I figure if it is produced in the US it has to be similar and of a certain grade to be even legally sold for peoples fish. So I ordered some for a tooth infection I had and figured I would test it.

It actually worked and cleared my infection completely with no side effects.

Fish Antibiotics

The "Fish Antibiotics" I ordered.


Amoxicillin from

See the difference? There isn’t one. It is the exact same generic Amoxicillin that you get from Walmart when you fill your prescription. You can stockpile this stuff legally and you have your own antibiotic vault at home. A MAJOR advantage if the shit really does ever hit the fan.

You can start stockpiling antibiotics for the apocalypse by clicking here.

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4 Responses to How to Stock Up on Antibiotics For the Apocalypse…

  1. Yep…it’s the same stuff. Worked in the retail pet industry for many years … “fish medicine” was not uncommonly a last, but effective resort for employees with no health insurance.  Great post – I’m amazed at your creativity when it comes to post-apocalyptic planning.

  2. says:

    Or do like I do and just drive over the Mexican border and buy whatever you want in 1000 tab bottles.

  3. Linda Lawton says:

    It would be good to read up on what antibiotic works best for the type of infection you have.  Also how much to take for how long.

  4. Jeremiah says:

    I’m allergic to penicillin. Any other types of alternate antibiotics that one could think about? Azithromycin?

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