How do you start preparing for the apocalypse?

With all the crazy things happening in the world today, many people are starting to seriously consider how to start preparing for economic collapse. This used to be considered crazy, but more and more people are starting to take a more serious approach to apocalyptic survival because of the abysmal condition of the global economy, the absolutely terrible American leadership and the the largely negative outlook of the future. An economic apocalypse is on the horizon…

Luckily you can get prepared now and rest assured that you will have what it takes to survive the inevitable and depressing fall of the American empire. We all pray this won’t happen, but can honestly say to yourself that it isn’t becoming a more realistic possibility?

If the economic apocalypse doesn’t happen, you may think you wasted money preparing for it. However most of the items you need to prepare for the economic apocalypse are multi-purpose and quite useful in every day life and they are even more useful in a natural disaster. The first thing I say to people who ask me “how do you start preparing for the apocalypse?” is get a survival guide. Specifically this one:

Preparing for something as grandiose as the apocalypse can seem like a daunting task, and many people wonder how do you even start? To answer this question lets look at the basic things people need to survive in order of importance.

  • Water
  •  Food
  •  Shelter
  •  Security
  •  Tools

When we break it down to these simple categories it becomes much easier to prepare for. Everyone needs these basic categories to survive in daily life, and they become more scarce after an apocalyptic scenario. The increasing competition for these necessities of life increases their value and the better prepared you are before the apocalypse occurs, the higher the likely hood of you and your families survival. Daily life in the modern world has made many of us soft and ill-equipped to handle the stresses of basic survival without our conveniences like electricity, running water, grocery stores and heating and air conditioning.

What most people don’t realize is that a fragile network holds all of society together and this network is constantly in danger of collapse. For this reason the better prepared you are to handle the basic necessities of life in an emergency, the more you will realize that we still are capable of everything that our “primitive” ancestors did on a daily basis to survive long enough to lead to modern society.

There is a peace of mind that comes from being prepared to handle even the apocalypse, this guide will show you where to start and hopefully start you on your way to being capable of self sufficiency while the rest of society around you crumbles due to a lack of preparation.


The first thing that you need to survive in an
apocalyptic scenario is water. Clean drinking water will be more valuable than gold after the apocalypse. Stockpiling water is only a temporary solution, but a good start. My family and I always keep at least 20 gallons of fresh drinking water that we use in one of those office water coolers in our kitchen. The bottles hold 5 gallons each
, are reusable, they can be purchased almost anywhere. The water cooler works without electricity to dispense water and does not raise any eyebrows or make anyone think you are a “crazy survivalist”. This is a good start right after a disaster strikes because a disruption in your running water or contamination of it can severely damage the chances of survival for you and your family. People die in as little as 3 days without water, even faster in arid, hot climates.

Your immediate emergency supply of water will be rapidly depleted. Your next step in preparing for the apocalypse must be to have access to more fresh water and an ability to make it safe to drink. The best way to make water safe to drink is to boil it. It does not guarantee that the water is safe, but it will kill most if not all of the living organisms in the water that may harm you. If you boil water, than filter it you have a much greater chance of not getting sick. There are several excellent products for water filtration and a household pot can be used to boil the water you need for your family. Make sure you map out the closest fresh water supply to your house and have the proper equipment to transport water. A canteen for every member of your family is also a necessity, I suggest a lightweight BPA free plastic.


The acquisition of
food will probably be the foremost concern after clean drinking water. Having a hearty supply of canned and non-perishable goods is a good step for any person or family regardless of when the apocalypse occurs. To start preparing for the apocalypse, stock up on canned goods and freeze dried food such as Ramen noodles. A rather large stock pile can be created very quickly and very affordably and can be put to good use regardless of whether or not an apocalypse happens soon.
This small stock pile can get you over the very difficult times directly following the collapse of the food supply chain and be a great form of currency with your neighbors.

After some time, you will definitely need another way to acquire food, both animal protein and vegetable matter. A garden or way to grow food is ideal, however an often overlooked method of large quantities of highly nutritious food that requires no sun light and very little water is a sprout garden.

Do you remember sprouting Lima beans as a child in school? Those sprouts actually are far more nutritious than the actual beans themselves and can be grown in complete darkness. They can also be grown in a backpack on the move and a relatively small amount of seeds that you have stored can turn into an enormous amount of sprouts to keep you alive, even if you are on the move. Investing in a survival seed bank is a great idea when preparing for the apocalypse. Even if you do not get to plant the seeds you can quickly and easily grow a large supply of edible sprouts.

The next method of acquiring food after the apocalypse will be through the local flora and fauna. You should have a guide or two on the plant and wild life in your area. This can help you identify edible and dangerous plants as well as animals. These guides are even useful in the suburbs and if you should need to leave your house after the apocalypse in search of food, you will have a much better grip on the native species in your state or country.

Everyone should own a .22 caliber rifle for hunting small game. The ammo is dirt cheap and widely available. A skilled marksman can take down almost anything in North America with a well placed shot from a 22.

Another often overlooked method of acquiring food is trapping. Traps can be as simplistic as a snare or as elaborate as a spring loaded bear trap.Whatever the case when killing game to be eaten, you must have at least a basic understanding of cleaning and butchering game and you should have a guide on this subject if you are not already familiar with it.


Hopefully you can ride out the storm in your own house with access to all of your gear but unfortunately that may not be the case. Your own home, apartment, townhouse or condo is going to be your best and safest bet for most people. Unfortunately when dealing with something as broad as the apocalypse and collapse of modern society from some unforeseen event, you need to have all of your bases covered. You should have a survival guide that provides you with instructions on building primitive shelters and access to a tent or at the very least a tarp in case you are forced to flee your home.

Within the broad topic of shelter, post apocalyptic clothing should also be a concern because all of your preparations will be for nothing if you are not prepared to brave the elements. There are different camps when it comes to post apocalyptic clothing, some wanting to go in full camo, tactical gear or ride around like mad max on a motorcycle sporting leather, random football pads and a neon colored mohawk. I suggest blending in with regular people while having access to camouflage if necessary. The reason I do not suggest having only a full camo setup is because you increase the chances of appearing like a threat to other people if you are spotted. Even if they are not threatened by you, they may perceive your full camo gear as a sign that you are better prepared than them and they may take the opportunity to get the jump on you because you appear to be better prepared then they are and they may be desperate. Also keep in mind that many people will be more likely to shoot first and ask questions last directly following an apocalyptic event.


Security is the broadest of all the categories and arguably the most important. You may be able to survive longer with food and water but with no ability to secure it you are just playing a game of chance. The best prepared person in the world when it comes to water, food and shelter can have all of there preparations taken away by a single person who is prepared to fight at all costs and armed to do so. There could be marauding gangs, desperate unprepared people and numerous other threats like the wilderness and the climate that can eliminate your chance to survive if you have no ability to protect yourself, your health, your family, your supplies and your property. 

You need a gun. I suggest several. A shotgun, rifle and handgun ideally. We could debate which ones are best forever without ever coming to a conclusion so I will merely suggest you get all three. A firearm is definitely one of the best ways to start preparing for the apocalypse. As far as security is concerned, I would suggest getting a shotgun first, 12 gauge. Next get a reliable handgun that is concealable. Semi automatic or revolver it is a personal preference but just know that semi automatics have more moving parts which always equals more things to go wrong. Rifles are completely up to you.

You should also maintain a few weapons that do not require ammunition. Bats, clubs, knives anything that can be conceivably wielded in a defense situation to protect your property and especially if it is functional as a tool. Machete’s are awesome for this because they serve so many useful purposes and they are very intimidating and formidable. When most people start preparing for the apocalypse they immediately think about weapons and security and for good reason.

You should invest in a good first aid kit to prepare for any emergency injury and a snake bite kit if you will be hunting in the woods.


Reliable tools can be the difference between life and death after the apocalypse. The more tools you have at your disposal the more likely you are to survive. Tools will also always be useful to others and useful for trading in times of extreme emergency. There are many tools that will aid your survival after the apocalypse, but the first tool on your list should be a reliable survival knife. 

I recommend the USMC Ka Bar. It is sturdy enough to handle a ton of punishment it can split logs, gut animals and be used in self defense.After the Ka Bar get a Mora Knife. They are incredibly cheap and so solid for the price. They are extremely sharp and made of stainless steel so they are incredibly rust resistant while maintaining a razor sharp edge for skinning and gutting animals.

Now you need a way to make fire. Get a firestarter, preferably sweedish firesteel and a bunch of lighters and water proof matches.

Next invest in a machete. There are many different styles and they appeal to different people but make sure you get a solid machete that you can chop and hack wood with as well as defend yourself.

Axes are extremely useful and getting a good axe will make chopping down a tree for firewood exponentially easier.

Now you want a reliable shovel. You have a choice between light weight and portable or large and easier to use.

You need rope, preferably paracord because it has a variety of applications!

You also need a portable crank radio, one with a flashlight is ideal.

A standalone battery powered flashlight or crank flashlight is also immensely important.

Now you know where to begin when preparing for the apocalypse. Always be prepared.

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