Become a Survivalist: 7 Items that Will Save Your Life in a Disaster

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you may have noticed that there has been a huge increase in phenomenon that suggests an apocalyptic event of some sort is imminent.

Some of these scenario’s seem far fetched and for good reason, because average people do not necessarily believe an apocalyptic asteroid is going to wipe out the Earth or the end of some ancient calendar means the end of the world… Now is a better time than ever to become a survivalist.

People are however starting to realize that economic collapse is possible, they have gotten a taste of that whether they are in the United States or Europe. The dollar is losing value rapidly, the Euro is in danger of collapse and the major governments of the world have more debt than they are capable of realistically handling. This used to be considered conspiracy theory or crazy talk, but now it is happening before our eyes. They may linger on for 50 years constantly declining slowly, or these governments could collapse suddenly because of how connected globalism has made the international economy.

Post Apocalyptic Survival for Uncertain Times

This is new in the history of mankind where nations are so dependent upon one another and for this reason the complex spider web of economics can bring down all or most nations at once. This is a much more plausible post apocalyptic survival scenario and it is the kind of scenario that gets level headed people thinking about what life would be like in a post apocalyptic world.

Mankind survived and even thrived before electricity or grocery stores. We are the ancestors of a tough breed of people who developed practical skills and used their ability, unique in nature, to reason to overcome and adapt for survival. We still are these people, but our society has softened us.

People aren’t crazy anymore for preparing.

People are finally starting to realize en masse that they may find themselves and their families in a post apocalyptic survival situation that would require them to understand how to survive without the modern infrastructure of society. How to craft and use basic tools. What items have real value outside of modern society. Being prepared mentally, understanding basic skills and acquiring the right tools and supplies will vastly increase chances of post apocalyptic survival, while also protecting themselves and their families from pro longed natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

If you woke up tomorrow and turned the news on to see the stock market was in free fall, war stopped the oil supply, China invaded a neighboring country or shit, your neighbors were zombies would you freak out or would you be prepared? The skills to survive are fun to acquire, the gadgets provide endless entertainment and all the while you are preparing you are learning and developing as a person. You will meet amazing people, make friends that you trust in your community and sleep easy knowing that post apocalyptic survival was not going to be the same for you as for the unprepared.

Post apocalyptic survival skills are invaluable, and the genre makes us look at ourselves and our own ability to survive whatever happens.

The post apocalyptic survival genre has had numerous great movies and books that seem to transport us into the characters positions and make us question our own ability to handle ourselves in similar situations. Sure these may be great works of fiction, but they are great works of fiction because we understand the real possibility of it occurring and we empathize with the characters. 

Outdoors skills are practical and fun to learn and in a post apocalyptic survival scenario they can mean the difference between life and death. For some preparation is as simple as creating a kit for home, or one for the car with many of the essentials required to survive in a variety of circumstances. Others, as seen on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, go to great lengths storing decades worth of food and building bullet proof structures to live in. These people take this post apocalyptic survival business very seriously, and they have fun and enjoy doing it. What this all says about the character of man is that no matter what, man will survive, man will adapt and man will craft the post apocalyptic world into a world more suitable to his survival like man has always done.

People are tough, we have been tough and we will always be tough.

We are the masters of our destinies, come hell or high water, zombies, economic collapse, asteroids or foreign invasions, we will endure, we will fight and many of us will win. That is sort of the core of a post apocalyptic survival enthusiast or a “prepper” if you will. They have no quit in them and they will not be caught with their pants down when the shit hits the fan.

Ultimately, post apocalyptic survival is about the fight in the individual and the conflict between man and nature, nature including wild unprepared men who have no had the foresight to develop a plan for life without the comforts of society. This external conflict between man and nature is what everyone will experience but the internal conflict between the man and his own self confidence, skills, emotions and mind set are what “preppers” and post apocalyptic survival enthusiasts will be exponentially more prepared for.

We are animals, our cultures and societies make us forget that and push that part of us away. Post apocalyptic survival will bring that back out but ironically it is the survivalist and the prepper who will be able to behave and act like a man when the whole of the world is desperate and behaving like animals. This is why we unite and prepare now. Even the most minimal gear can give you a major advantage

7 items that will save your life that everyone should own.
 There are a few items that everyone should have no matter what because they are so useful in a disaster or emergency that their value increases exponentially if one is forced into a life post apocalyptic survival.

 A real knife. In this case, I have included a Kukri Machete from the infinitely reliable company Ka-Bar because it can chop wood and it can be used for all of the functions a knife can be used for.

A firestarter. A tool to start fire is critical not only for warmth, but for cooking food, purifying water and morale.

Canteen and cup. You need something to carry water in and something to boil water and cook food in.

A survival guide. While there is a great deal of information on this site for post apocalyptic survival, a good guide that can teach you primitive survival is critical.

Crank radio/flash light. NOAA and shortwave radios are indispensable.

Water purification.


These are great items to start with for post apocalyptic survival prepping and I have a much more comprehensive post apocalyptic gear list and also a more comprehensive post apocalyptic survival guide that you should definitely take a look at.

Best of luck to you and your family, email me with any questions you may have I will be more than happy to help. I hope that if anything ever does happen, God forbid, I have in some small way contributed to people’s ability to survive in the post apocalyptic world — and at the very least you won’t come knocking on my door trying to steal my shit!

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Judah Hamilton is a apocalyptic survival expert. He is a political strategist, inventor, author, avid reader and corporate hack. In his spare time he is a welder, sheet metal fabricator and primitive survival skills expert. All of this aside, he is best known for his drunken, whiskey-induced rants on a variety of topics on post apocalyptic
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