Are Gun Shows Worth It Anymore?

I just got back from a gun show and decided to provide an answer to a question I have been asking myself for quite sometime; are gun shows worth it anymore? They seem to increasingly become larger bullshit exhibits every time I go to one, so lets analyze why.

Unlike other aspects of the modern economy, gun sales are way up and the value of guns have been rising at a rapid pace. This is due in part to the fact that nobody knows what this academic, anti-American, illiberal, college professor clown in the White House is going to do in regards to guns.


There is very little a president can do on his own to affect gun rights in reality however, but that doesn’t matter because nobody cares about written constitutional powers anymore and the toilet paper in the capital building is triple-ply constitution print.

The reality of the situation IS that there are definitely responses by the market to a president that are not necessarily based on reality; they are based on emotion and speculation. Therefore they become reality because you pay more based on these speculations that drive market forces.

The president gets blamed for things he has little or no control over, and on the flipside he gets credit for shit that he didn’t do; for example:

  • Seal Team Six kills Osama Bin Laden.
  • History remembers Obama killed Osama Bin Laden
  • World War 2 ends the Great Depression
  • History remembers FDR ends the Great Depression
  • Internet and Dot Com explosion happens
  • History says Bill Clinton made the economy boom
  • Bush and Congress pass the patriot act stripping Americans of our civil liberties
  • No further terrorist attacks happen, history says they kept us safe
  • States rights, economic and social differences, abolition movement and the election of Abraham Lincoln cause the civil war
  • History says, Abraham Lincoln went to war to free the slaves

In all of these cases no one is evil or sinister necessarily, it is just the nature of how the world works and it has a major effect on perception of reality in the future.

This is just the nature of the presidency, the masses need somebody to point a finger at when shit goes bad so we reward whoever takes this job by giving them undue credit when shit goes good. That’s all fair game and its just how our particular republic works whether we like it or not. If your gonna elect some asshole to be the fall guy for everything that goes wrong, you gotta give him credit for the shit that goes right as a consolation or no one would take the damn job. That’s America baby, love it, leave it or change it.

Back to gun shows, when you walk around a modern gun show, you will see a variety of anti-Obama gear with things such as “Gun Salesman of the Year” and various other accolades which can be attributed to the fear of Obama’s motives.

This in turn has led to a rapid hiking of prices on guns, that economically is intelligent on the side of the gun dealer but is retarded for you as the gun consumer. Fear is being used to jack prices on weapons at gun shows and since you already paid for a $10 ticket, waited in an absurdly long line and planned to buy a gun today, you psychologically do not want to leave empty handed.

This “captive audience” marketing tactic, which relies on the consumers expecting to find really good deals at a gun show is brilliant for the gun dealers and I applaud them for exploiting peoples stupidity.

I also want to make it perfectly clear that intelligent consumers are not going to put up with their shit and they are going to hit the internet and inform others. This is how the market works baby, you exploit it for a little but consumers will make sure you get hammered in your ass for it in the long run and may the best capitalist win.

I went to the SGK gun show on January 21st, 2012 and came back on March 31st, with the same vendors present and I noticed a $50 dollar on average price hike across the board. My dad and my brother went with me and the same new gun my dad wanted to purchase on January 21st was $50 more at every single vendor we went to. It is collusion doing this and it is ruining gun shows because of market hype so for my readers who I assume are intelligent and want to be informed, do not go to gun shows seeking lower prices. There are usually lower prices in your own local gun stores you can support and here is why you shouldn’t go to a gun show to buy a brand new gun if you are not a collector:

My dad asks this idiot at the counter:

“On the internet and in local gun stores around here ____ gun is selling for 250 dollars,, just like it was last time this gun show came around; can you at least match this price?”

Gun Dealer response:

“This ain’t internet prices, this here is gun show prices.”

You cannot blame the toothless cretins working these booths for the astronomical increase in prices brought on by the psychological impact Obama has had on American gun sales. If they think some retard at the gun show is going to buy a gun for $50 more than its retail value and they are right, than they are just being intelligent businessmen and you should stop going to gun shows for deals on new guns.

Forget about the fact that a Bass Pro Shops selling the same gun is literally around the corner from this place we are at for $250, these people will not haggle and will charge more assuming people can’t or didn’t research a particular gun before they came to a gun show.

This is why increasingly, gun shows are not worth it like they used to be. You used to be able to go to a gun show, haggle the price, get great deals and find items that you couldn’t find in any other place. Gun shows were a hub of gun trading that benefited all parties involved.

This is no longer true and while gun shows are still fun and exciting to see, handle and evaluate many different guns that you haven’t personally encountered, you should not go to a gun show unless you meet one of the following criteria.

Here is a list of all of the good things a gun show has to offer and if any of these are your major objectives, then by all means, hit the gun show when it comes around! Just don’t expect to get some good deal because your at a “gun show”, the market is fucked now buddy and you have to deal with it; so support your local gun shops before you support these traveling circus dick gypsies. Ask yourself if the following bullets apply to you:

  • I am collector and I am looking for rare or valuable guns
  • I am looking for ideas of new guns to purchase
  • I want to handle a rare gun that is not available locally
  • I want to look for ideas of new guns to buy
  • I am looking for cheap ammo
  • I am looking for cheap military surplus gear
  • I am looking for private people walking around selling guns to approach
  • My area has no gun stores
  • I come from a communist state like California and I will travel to find a place that actually respects the second amendment and will sell me a gun

If none of those categories apply to you, then you don’t really need to pay 10 bucks or whatever it is in your area to go to a gun show. You are really unlikely to find a super cheap deal anymore on a new gun, but if you want a used gun you have a chance to strike gold. It just isn’t what it used to be anymore like most everything else in America.

Gun shows are fun and I am guilty of going to them whenever they come to town, I just want my readers to know what gun shows are all about. You have to understand that new guns are not cheaper at gun shows and the prices are inflated because they have a captive, motivated audience that wants to buy (and has paid to have the opportunity to buy) which from a marketing standpoint is pure gold for the dealer.

My advice if you are wondering if gun shows are worth it anymore, is to buy locally from local gun dealers if none of the previously aforementioned bullets apply to your particular needs.

Oh yea and all of the previously mentioned political science garbage aside, fuck Obama and I don’t care if that offends you. If you are a Obama supporter and you found this website, you won’t make it after the apocalypse anyway you fucking leech.


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One Response to Are Gun Shows Worth It Anymore?

  1. Crowley says:

    So how has obama done anything different in regards to american gun ownership in america? Its still enforced state to state. And really curious about whats communist about california, a state operating within the united states. Please inform me sir. Its actually quite easy to get a gun in ca. And im not an obama fan but seems everyone is just pissed cause he happens to be black. And not a professor but id rather an educated man over a rich dim witted oilboy.

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