Apocalyptic Gear

Preparation is the key to survival.

Gearing up for when the SHTF eh?

Below is a list of highly rated post apocalyptic survival gear. The majority of these products I own, others I am slowly acquiring. You really should own at least basic survival equipment and slowly add to your stock pile.

Just tell your wife its “camping gear”, that’s what I do. Or better yet “emergency disaster supplies”.

If you had all of these items you would be in pretty good shape, for most people that is unrealistic, but for the love of God, get yourself a damn quality knife, some rope, a fire starter and a crank radio.

You also aren’t going to be able to do shit with these items if you do not have a survival guide to figure out how to live without all of your sissy must haves like running water and electricity.

If the shit hits the fan, do not say I did not warn you on what to get.

Survival Skill Books

Survival Weapons and Tools

Fire Craft and Cooking





Backpacks and Clothing

Misc Survival Gear

Long Term Survival

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  3. spencer g says:

    Hey. Me and my friend have been preparing for the apocalypse. We have been making a list of things we need for it and what to do when it happens. I thought your list was amazing and I printed it. However, I noticed a few things not on your list that we had on ours. So I will list them below:

    honey (as food but also works as an antibiotic)
    guns/ammo (if available)
    M80′s/cherry-bombs (duck tape together to use as grenades)
    fruit/veggie seeds
    journal(to write down events for future reference)
    bio-suit (if viral apocalypse)
    “body armor” (if necessary)
    butane lighter/fuel
    compound bow
    ziploc bags
    charcoal/sand (for water filtration)
    fishing nets

  4. conner says:

    a recurve bow or crossbow is beter.if its so happens your string snap your in some deep shit and you cant fix it because you need a bow press to get any kinda string on.were as recurve you can replace the string out in the field and do it by your self.and they have less moveing parts that can break.and you dont need a generator for long turn use unless long term is 9 months to a year long.Because gassoline dose have a life span of 9 months to a year.I think ,dream,breath survival and ur guide talk is fucking awsome.o and knives are my life and busse combate is magical un beatin by any knife out there INFI steel read up on it.

  5. Shaun says:

    About the gasoline issue there are ways to make gasoline (or diesel, kerosene, etc) keep longer.

    PRI is a very popular option:

    Sta-Bil is much more well-known but not as effective:

  6. freedomfighter says:

    Awesome guide! Along with the gear guide.  You really do know your stuff.  I would also like to add a few ideas. 
    -A wrist rocket style slingshot such as the aftermath bone collector slingshot with flashlight, laser sight, and ammo holder in the handle… an endless supply of ammo (rocks) for small game and some defense.
    -The Gerber brand apocalypse survival kit containing multiple machetes, knives, and an axe.  Even if it is too much too carry you at least have your pick of the bunch. 
    -zip ties for the obvious.  They can be as usefully as duct tape, are small and light.  Better have these than not.
    -Localized plant books.  They sell these at book stores which are region specific and are laminated.  A list of local poisonous and edible foods.
    -I believe listed elsewhere… a dog!  For protection, hunting, instincts, carrying ability, and companionship, among others.  They will find what they need and serve you until the end.  If they die beyond your control, they can also be a food source as morbid as it sounds… but hey, when cannibals are hunting you and you haven’t eaten in weeks, you will enter a loony toons style induced mirage.  Fido will look like a steak.
    -Taurus Judge, or S&W Governor. ‘Nuf said. 20 gauge shotshells in a variety of forms including slug, self defense, 000 Buck, etc.  .45 ACP, and. 45 LC.  SCREW THE 9MM WHEN YOU CAN GET A HAND CANNON. Hunting birds/small game and self defense.
    -Any silver threaded underwears and socks. Natural antimicrobial. Timberland sells a real nice 6″ steel toe with silver threadsin the soles.  This can make the difference between life and death via whatever bacterias are out there.  REMEMBER TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE INVISABLE TOO. They may be more deadly than the zombies.
    - spray paint EVERYTHING camo color.  Except the compass, knives, etc. That you need to find if dropped.
    -Camo print fleece blankets.  Just because you live in Florida does not mean that you will stay there forever.
    -.22 air rifle. Multiple pump or competition style.  Hand pump only!  Silent and as deadly as a. 22 LR depending on situation.  Make sure it has an awesome scope that hits on target at a 50 yard minimum. Hunting ammo.  You can carry tons of ammo and if need be… if you survive that long… it is possible to melt/mold new pellets.  This can be subs for a. 22 LR… but when ammo is gone.. it is gone.  Plus the pellet gun will look intimidating enough to some people.. as long as they are not zombies.
    -a French and Spanish to English dictionary (conversasional) in the US. Depending if you are heading north or south
    -Paracord braided quick release wrist band… a must!  If tithe SHTF.. you can easily pull this out and strangle your unzombified foe…
    - Learn self defense tactics and pressure points! A wack to the jugular with anything hard enough will knock someone out cold.  A well struck blow to any major artery will take down a 300 lb UFC fighter even.

    Depending on where you are or where you are going a bike could make all the difference.  An electric powered preferebly with a magneto.. self powered.  In case your legs shrivel to the bone or are injured.  Would you want to walk across Texas Flatland 600 miles at 5 mph when you could coast on a bike at 20+ MPH?
    A zombie apocalypse is uncertain, and improbable… a natural cataclysm or economic uprising is more certain.  Prepare for those.  And if zombies do rise to take America, then just change your plans a bit. Loot some rifles and submachine guns and just hole up somewhere fortified.  I live in nebraska and there just so happens to be a castle 10 min from my house and 2 min from my parents.  That’s what I plan on taking and fortifying.
    Good luck guys! Ill be the Guy with the hand cannon, dog, and peace sign on my armored vest.

  7. Andrew says:

    Do not forget the kids. If you have children remember to construct a BOB for them. Also a security blanket (animal, toy). Teach the family how to hunt and shoot while they r young.

  8. The Mighty Rooikat says:

    I just purchased one of those 19.95 Kukris you see at virtually every website. So far, I am loving it. I had to sharpen it myself, using first a 8″ bastard file, then my smith knife sharpener.
    The effort I had to put into it, made the end result so much better.
    Makes a good chopper, a good weapon, and plain looks mean.
    After I beat on it/test it a bit, I am probably gonna pick up a few more for the vehicle kits.

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