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There is volumes of information on this site that assumes the apocalypse already happened some time ago, but what about surviving the actual apocalypse itself and its immediate aftermath? This apocalypse survival guide is designed to help you survive an apocalyptic event of massive scale.

Imagine everything you know about people, society and life being turned upside down almost immediately. Surviving this type of hellish scenario requires knowing what to expect and planning before hand. You must have the right mind set to keep yourself alive under any circumstance and you also will need a little luck.

first image apocalypse survival guideThis is sort of the precursor to the popular post apocalyptic survival guide which covers all of the basic necessities such as:

  • Security
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Outdoor survival skills

This apocalypse survival guide assumes you have read the post apocalyptic survival guide and understand the basics of surviving without electricity, running water and food supply chains. This apocalypse survival guide will cover the most likely apocalypse scenarios and the specifics of survival pertaining to each of these events.

Predicting something like the apocalypse is pretty difficult to do, but if we look at some of the most realistic, pressing apocalypse scenarios that many people are worried about, we can focus our efforts towards the most commonly feared survival situations.

These scenarios are presented in order of likeliness to occur, with details of survival specific to each of them. I can’t stress this enough, be sure that along with this apocalypse survival guide, you understand the skills in the post apocalyptic survival guide and have the right survival gear.

Apocalypse Survival Guide: Introduction

All of these apocalypse scenarios have one thing in common: people are going to freak the fuck out. You see all of the nut jobs that freak out already because they can’t handle living in regular civil society. The number of these people will increase exponentially as people suddenly realize they might starve, die of thirst and no government or agency is going to come to their aid. People will go ape shit pretty quickly and it will last for quite a while. This apocalypse survival guide is designed to help you be one of the sane, capable, prepared and strong-willed individuals who will adapt and survive.

Apocalypse survival is not some new idea that people have just begun to worry about. It is as old as written language, mankind has always feared the collapse of everything they know and love. Many times in history entire civilizations fell and from their perspective they witnessed the apocalypse happen to their own society. The threat of the entire globes being consumed by the apocalypse was much less likely, it could only occur by some outside force of massive scale such as a meteorite that people had absolutely no control over. Collapse of society was only possible in isolated areas, because the people were all isolated enough from one another for the apocalyptic event to naturally be contained.

apocalypse orange skyIn modern times however, especially in recent decades, a global apocalypse has become a more and more realistic threat. Almost everyone on the planet right now is connected to the rest of the world in a way that was never conceivable in the past. Planes carry people from one continent to the next every single day on a massive scale increasing the chances of pandemic spreading.

Globalism has made nations rely on other nations for their own prosperity and even survival, and the global financial system connects the entire world together. Initially, this globalism created wealth and enriched civilization bonds were formed by nations with one another, but these bonds now are more like chains.

The entire human population is more connected than ever, and also less prepared than ever to survive without the comforts of their technology. We have disrupted natural selection by crafting our own environment to our will with the use of our technology. It is a beautiful thing to take much of the strain out of life through technology but we are evolving into a species that depends on it.

Mankind is unique among the animals of the world because our society, our culture and our inter dependence on one another is a part of survival that no other creature relies on to the extent we do. We have always formed tribes, clans, family units and we have always divided labor amongst these groups in a way that protects, defends and ensures the groups survival.

When our societies and communication with one another are suddenly stripped from us, the psychological impact can be devastating and the unpredictability of the human mind necessarily leads to dramatic differences in the reactions of each individual to this new reality. Some will adapt and harden, mastering their new environment and recreating society but sadly the vast majority will not. So what I have attempted to do in this apocalypse survival guide is create groups of the most likely apocalypse scenarios by their similarities and provide specifics on surviving each of these catastrophic events.

Here are a couple of items no household should be without, followed by our dive down the rabbit hole of possible apocalypse survival situations and the guide to survival should you find yourself stuck in the jaws of the apocalypse.

Critical Items for Apocalypse Survival

1. Total Economic Collapse, Hyper Inflation and Peak Oil.

The most likely to cause the apocalypse award goes to: total economic collapse. It is number one in the apocalypse survival guide because the same things increasing the probability of this occurring are happening at alarming rate all over the world and no one can put the breaks on it.

rioting after total economic collapse

Governments are spending more and more, promising more and more and borrowing more and more which is creating the conditions necessary for hyper inflation. It is an unsustainable model and now it doesn’t just destroy one country; it destroys multiple countries and the fall of those countries will spread the economic misery like wildfire.

To top it all off, fossil fuels such as oil are being rapidly depleted and alternative energies are nowhere near the right price point to make them economically viable.

What happens when the global economy collapses?

Total economic collapse is when the banks fail, the government coffers are empty and the collapse of a major nations economic and financial structure sets off a world wide chain reaction because of the inter-connectivity of the modern global economy.

Nothing is really more pressing currently than this issue and governments continue to print and spend more money because there is no easy way in a democracy to cut spending.

Politicians make promises to get elected, fulfilling those promises requires spending money that the government does not have which leads to more borrowing ad-infinitum. Things like hyper inflation become a major problem, because the value of the currency is rapidly depleted by all of the printing, borrowing and spending and more and more dollars are chasing less and less goods.

The price of every single commodity starts to dramatically increase in price until the system can no longer function and the currency is worthless.

Add in peak oil and the chances of speculators driving the price of oil into the solar system, and you have a recipe for complete and total economic collapse.

How will people react?

People initially will act with disbelief. As things rapidly become worse people will start to panic and withdraw all of their money from the banks and from investments, further exacerbating the problem.

People will suddenly realize that the supply chain is starting to break down as business after business closes and the banks all fail. It is at this point that the situation becomes the most dangerous because their will be a mad rush for supplies and looting and rioting will be common place.

At peak oil, people will realize there is no longer going to be a downward fluctuation in the price of oil which leads to a panic to horde fuel. Speculators live off of this panic and prices for fuel will be elevated beyond the realistic supply and demand market value into new never before seen territory.

What can you do to prepare?

  • Think ahead and make sure you can be self sufficient for as long as possible. Storing water and food is always a good idea, as well as keeping some of your cash on hand at home to make sure you always have access to something of value.
  • Keep items that have trade value for bartering in your home, such as gold and silver but don’t forget things like toilet paper, shampoo, canned goods, alcohol and anything that is non perishable will eventually become worth more than gold.
  • Have a plan for where to escape to if you live in a densely populated area and you fear massive riots, and make sure the friends and family that you trust know where you plan to go so you can all meet in the event of a total economic collapse.
  • Have a siphon and gas tank in case you need to steal fuel to get you and your family safely away from your area. Seriously, I am advocating stealing if it gets that bad.

Why can’t it happen?

There is very little to suggest that this currently can’t happen. The best answer to why a total economic collapse can’t happen is that it hasn’t happened before because we have constantly been able to kick the debt can down the road.

Hyper inflation is very real and it has happen to countries who naively printed money to pay their debts, but the fractional reserve banking system, (i.e. the federal reserve and other global private banking institutions) falsely manipulate the money supply in such a way that it is able to withstand the economic pressures on it. The problem is, the federal reserve and other central banks cannot maintain this behavior forever and their manipulations are beginning to catch up with them, but how long can they delay it?

Oil seems to be a never ending resource, we are constantly told we are going to run out and on the flip side we are constantly finding new drilling sources. Nowadays, the environmental movement has put increasingly harder and harder pressure on governments to move away from oil, even if it is not yet economically viable which has led to a reduction in our ability to find new sources to drill and restrictions on how we can extract it.

It would be wonderful if we could power our whole society off of clean green technologies such as wind and solar, but they are simply not market ready and fossil fuels are still by far the cheapest most efficient way for the masses to heat their homes and fuel their vehicles. We don’t live in a perfect world, we live in the real world and in the real world the market drives prices and the market undoubtedly favors fossil fuels for the foreseeable future.

That said, economic collapse definitely tops the list of the most likely scenarios for this apocalypse survival guide.

2.  World War III – Arab/Israeli Conflict, China and the threat of Nuclear and Electromagnetic Pulse Attack.

For an apocalypse survival guide, one must consider the possibility of a widespread global war and the implications it has for the continuation of society. History has already shown us that it is possible for power hungry ideological men to drive entire nations into total war. World War II and World War I are great examples of this, but the geographic concentration of these wars, and of the world GDP was such that it only had devastating consequences in a local area. In modern times however, there are scores of countries that rely on aid from these nations that will be inevitably dragged into war.

American Nuclear War

What happens if World War III occurs?

Albert Einstein famously stated, “World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” The massive scale and deadliness of the weapons available to the major nations undoubtedly creates a situation that could quite possibly lead to the total destruction of civilization for the entire Western world and Asia.

Geo-politically speaking, the war will most likely spring out of the Middle Eastern tensions and suck the rest of the world into it over competing resources. As China and Russia grow in strength and begin to get more and more allies, the West seemingly continues to destroy itself with terrible economic and foreign policies creating a political world pool that could surely entice nations like China into a position where they could attempt to asset their dominance.

China specifically continues to spread its influence across Africa and the Middle East and Russia always backs any Middle Eastern power who opposes the United States. In this scenario, the most likely cause of the apocalypse will be the West siding with Israel and the Eastern powers siding with the Middle East in a fight to the finish for supreme global dominance. There is nothing that China displays in their own human rights policies towards their own people that would lead us to believe that they would obey the Geneva convention in a war? There are a multitude of nations with nuclear weapons and when their absolute survival is threatened they will assuredly launch nuclear weapons against their aggressors in an effort to stop their total destruction or absolute oppression by a foreign power.

China will challenge America for unilateral supremacy, it is only a matter of when and to what extent. If America continues to weaken and enslave itself with Chinese debt, it only invites aggression historically speaking and at that point apocalypse survival will be more than just a possibility; it will be reality.

How will people react?

If the world plunges into a global total war, inevitably leading to nuclear war as a last resort it will be the worst possible situation mankind has ever seen up until this point in history. Entire cities can be completely leveled by modern weapons, especially nuclear weapons and there is virtually nothing that you can do if you are in a targeted area and do not immediately evacuate upon the possible threat.

A modern total war would absolutely use an electromagnetic pulse to wipe out the enemies communication and technological infrastructure as quickly as possible because it is the best way to cripple an entire nation. An EMP will wipe out almost every electronic within the blast range and severely cripple the nations communication capabilities and the citizens will be left to fend for themselves.

This will cause widespread panic and a rush for supplies as news becomes unreliable and hard to obtain. Families will panic as the technology they rely on to survive is fried by an electromagnetic pulse.

What can you do to prepare?

In the scope of this apocalypse survival guide, preparation for a World War III can only be grazed over. To survive a war of such massive scale requires many variables that may be beyond your control, but controlling the variables you can is critical to being prepared to survive the apocalypse.

  • Keep enough food and water for your family as you can possibly store for any disaster.
  • Be sure to understand the effects of radiation and even acquire the right gear to survive near a blast zone if you live in one of the hot spots for a nuclear attack in your country.
  • Read the how to survive an emp guide and understand how to protect your critical electronics from an emp attack.
  • Understand the basic survival skills contained in the post apocalyptic survival guide to ensure you have the outdoor skills required to live off the grid without electricity, food, running water and modern society enact.
  • Buy guns and stock pile ammo, they are the greatest equalizer to protect yourself and no household that can legally purchase a firearm should be without one.

Why can’t it happen?

For the Israeli/Arab situation, Americas backing of Israel and the strength of the Israeli military prevent full scale war between Israel and its enemies. Full scale war with Israel would be suicidal under current conditions for any nation that would decide to invade. However, strong religious idealology from the Muslim nations combined with the ability in the near future to produce nuclear weapons does create a recipe for disaster that could drag the whole world into war.

China relies on the US because it is by far China’s biggest customer. On top of that China has loaned a lot of money to the US and unless it demands the US pay back the loans right away this prevents China from challenging the US for global hegemony. China still is growing in power every day and although internal problems are beginning to surface, the state run media controls the information flow so well that it prevents uprisings. There is nothing to suggest that China will not eventually challenge the US, particularly over Taiwan which will certainly drive the two nations to war.

No one thought the entire world would ever go to war again after World War I and they were wrong. World War II showed us that a power can rise in an otherwise sane nation and brainwash the people into a warlike furor. There will eventually be a World War III and the scale will likely be beyond anything imaginable. In this trying time, you will be lucky to have prepared by reading apocalypse survival guides.

3. Global Pandemic, Antibiotic Resistance and the Zombie Apocalypse

It seems every few months a new major “pandemic” is occurring. It could be the avian flu or the swine flu or even the dreaded “SARS” but whatever it is, you can bet the media is hyping it as the kill switch for humanity.

There are very real threats concerning a global pandemic, especially since bacteria are becoming increasingly more resistant though natural selection to our array of antibiotics. Developing new antibiotics is expensive and doctors constantly over prescribe them while patients fail to take them correctly. Bacteria evolve much faster than other species because of their simple structure and the ones that aren’t killed produce offspring that are genetically more resistant to antibiotics.

zombies running after zombie apocalypse

Face it, in today’s internet culture, surviving the zombie apocalypse is more prevalent than any other more likely apocalypse scenario. There are numerous zombie apocalypse survival guides and a huge base of loyal fan supporters, excellent movies and TV shows and amazing books driving the zombie apocalypse craze.

Since this site is about post apocalyptic survival, it is necessary we cover this aspect but we will do it from the most likely ways in which this “zombie apocalypse” or something like it could could occur. Since whatever it is that makes zombies… well… zombies, is a disease or virus; it is covered under the umbrella of global pandemics along side the very real possibility of antibiotic resistance leading to the apocalypse.

What happens if a zombie apocalypse, a global pandemic or completely antibiotic resistant diseases emerge?

In short, a lot of people die very quickly. There is almost no way to completely protect yourself from a global pandemic, a zombie apocalypse or antibiotic resistant diseases if you live in a densely populated area. Much will depend on luck and your geographic region, but there are certainly universal survival skills that will aid you in your ability to survive such an apocalyptic event.

World wide transportation will surely quickly carry the disease around the world, especially if it is airborne. If the disease is completely antibiotic resistant or a powerful virus it will inflict massive casualties and break the fabric of society as people fear one another and retreat from the public to protect themselves and their families.

How will people react?

Well, if people turn into stereotypical movie zombies you have a pretty good idea of how they will react. Even with a perceived pandemic that is media hyped there is always wide spread panic that starts out as just simple concerned chatter among concerned people. If it does not spread to their country, or not in large numbers, they usually continue to go about their lives.

But what if suddenly this disease or zombie virus spreads on a huge scale and people lose faith in the governments ability to obtain it? Welcome to the Walking Dead my friend. People will go ape shit.

There have been many times in history when an incurable disease spread on a large scale among an isolated population. The plague wiped out a third of Europe and it is an easily curable disease with modern medicine. The next plague wouldn’t be so simple to cure. Bacteria evolves at an alarming rate due to its simple genetic makeup and if a highly resistant bacteria developed that was unaffected by antibiotics, society at large would be severely at risk.

Then we come to zombies. If there is a virus that makes people freak out and go on a biting frenzy to spread the disease, it could spell the end of civilization as we know it. Humans are so attached to the people close to them that they will risk themselves because of their lack of ability to realize that the person trying to bite them isn’t really grandma anymore. We also know that diseases like rabies exist and spread in wild animal populations, so a disease that similarly effected humans is a possibility and humans close proximity to one another makes it more likely to spread than in animals living in the wild.

Or for another example, imagine if the virus that causes AIDS, HIV suddenly evolved a different method of transmission, perhaps becoming airborne. People would panic if an incurable virus went airborne and became a pandemic. Governments would be forced to quarantine and erase civil liberties in an attempt to contain the virus and everyone would be suspect of one another.

What can you do to prepare for the zombie apocalypse and global pandemics?

  • As always, make sure you have a decent supply of non perishable goods and water. This applies to every emergency.
  • Have plenty of ways to sanitize everything, a Gas Mask and a Hazmat Suit for every member of your family wouldn’t hurt.
  • Try to stockpile any medications your family members need in anyway possible. Also, if you get creative you can stockpile antibiotics as well by going over to ebay and typing in “fish antibiotics”. These capsules literally are generic amoxicillin and other common antibiotics that can be legally obtained for your “fish”. Trust me on this I have purchased these and used them they are safe and they are real medicine, right down to the pill capsules and numbers inscribed there are no difference between them and the generics you get from Walmart with a prescription.
  • In the case of zombies you need apocalypse survival weapons, get creative.

4. Natural Catastrophic Disasters and Climate

Natural catastrophic disasters have occurred many times in the past and wiped out the dominant species, or almost all species on the planet because of the sudden change in climate that did not leave enough time for most species to adapt to. We are talking massive asteroids, super volcanoes, solar storms, polar reversals and massive tectonic movements/ super quakes.

apocalypse asteroid

What happens when a catastrophic natural disaster occurs?

This is probably the most common one on most peoples minds, because it actually has created apocalyptic extinctions in the past. Think dinosaurs and wonder when the hell the next big asteroid is going to hit.

On top of that, super volcanoes that are ready to blow such as the one in Yellow Stone National Park create a huge risk for the apocalypse survival aficionado. A massive scale super volcano eruption would not only kill everything for miles in the surrounding area but it could physically alter Earths  climate, much the same way as the massive extinction asteroids have done.

Then you have massive tectonic shifts and earthquakes that could potentially lead to the apocalypse. Imagine if “the big one” ever strikes California and it breaks off into the sea causing the largest tsunami in history to go hurling towards Asia. One can only imagine the ramifications of such a disaster.

Then you have the more obscure, such as the 2012 Mayan prophecies have hyped, like polar reversal (which has happened before and is due to happen but nobody really knows what effect this will have on us) and massive solar storms big enough to wipe out our atmosphere or at the very least destroy all of our technology and electric infrastructure.

How will people react?

People will instantly begin to struggle for resources once they realize there is not going to be a government response to the disaster. Mass looting, rioting and acquisition and hording of basic resources will be the immediate response. Communities will need to band together.

Unfortunately there are many areas that are not sustainable without the supply chain being intact. If your community is rural and has farms and other methods of producing food with a good water supply than your community may be able to effectively maintain its own local economy but it will spend much of its time defending its borders from desperate city dwellers who live in over populated areas with no resource production.

People will react either violently and irrationally, or they will calmly and carefully adapt and communities will be the only hope.

If the disaster is such that it initially and directly impacts your area, there really is nothing you can do. These things are a game of chance. An apocalypse survival guide won’t do shit for you if your town is sitting on top of a super volcano or gets smashed by a colossal meteorite.

However most people will not be directly impacted and may be indirectly impacted by the detrimental effects it has on the global economy or even worse the climate.

What can you do to prepare for a catastrophic natural disaster?

  • Horde food and water, for any disaster this is critical for you to get your bearing.
  • Figure out what the most significant environmental risk to your area is and prepare for it specifically.
  • If an asteroid hits near you, place your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.
  • Have a bug out evacuation route for you and your family to meet.
  • Make your friends and people you trust aware of where you plan to be so that you can all meet up and pool your resources.
  • Read the post apocalyptic survival guide and master basic survival skills, everything on that list pertains to this type of event.

Apocalypse Survival Guide: Conclusion

In conclusion, no matter what the apocalypse that you are trying to survive turns out to be, there are a few things that can apply to all of them that everyone should be aware of. Most importantly, take it somewhat seriously. I know everyone thinks your crazy if you are preparing for the apocalypse, but who is really crazy when the shit hits the fan? Pretty much all the gear required to survive the apocalypse is useful for any natural disaster or emergency and regular camping trips can familiarize you with your gear in a fun way.

This apocalypse survival guide can really be summarized by the following points.

  • If the apocalypse doesn’t kill you, know that you can survive the ensuing chaos.
  • Be confident that you can handle anything that happens.
  • Keep your mind sharp and your thoughts collected; your mind is your greatest tool.
  • Practice basic outdoor survival skills for fun, go camping.
  • Don’t prepare for anyone one specific catastrophe, there are way to many possibilities and you should have broad apocalypse survival preparations.
  • Maintain a hearty supply of fresh water and non perishable goods. Ready.gov, the governments preparation website has some pretty useful tips on this but they assume they will be around to come and save you! Lasting 3 days doesn’t mean shit in an apocalypse you need to be prepared to survive long term!
  • Master survival skills contained in the post apocalypse survival guide.
  • Start getting your apocalypse survival gear together little by little.
  • Have a never give up, never surrender mentality and don’t let panic set in and cloud your ability to make rational decisions.
  • Remember above all, showing fear is what pussies do. People around you will rely on your ability to keep your cool while the shit hits the fan around you.
  • Determination is your motto.


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  1. Roxanne says:

    I appreciate all of the information on this website–learning some survival techniques has become a new hobby of mine.

    I’d like to let you know that, although I do think “The Big One” hitting the west coast of the US is likely, California sinking into ocean is almost impossible. The fear is brought on by false “science” and movies and not actual environmental understanding. Here’s some light reading about it: http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/natural-disasters/question567.htm

    You’ve dedicated a lot of time making sure that your readers have the correct information to prepare for emergency situations, whether or not those situations bring an apocalypse. I’m sure you don’t want your readers wasting time fearing and preparing for something that will never happen when they could be spending that time preparing for possible emergency/ apocalyptic scenarios.

    Thank you again for all the advice!

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