The Time Is Now

The time to get ready for surviving is now. Understand what that means in life in order to sustain your life in the post-apoc world. Read more [...]
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The Best Survival Knife Under 100$.

Hello folks, been on a little hiatus lately due to numerous projects I have going on but I wanted to chime in with my thoughts on the best survival knife under 100 dollars along with a little insight as to why I came to this conclusion. Actually you may be surprised that the survival knife I believe to be the best is MUCH cheaper than 100$ and it is of comparable quality to knives three times more expensive. As you may know if you have followed my site over the years, I was always a huge fan of Read more [...]
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Watchdog Pitbull Camo Mossberg 500 Shotgun Review. Yea I Bought It..

I recently came across an exceptionally good deal on a Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun. The only issue with the gun was that it was covered in pit bulls, wearing chains and barking. It was the new "Watchdog Pitbull Camo" model. My first impression was that it looked like something DMX would have in a rap video. Or possibly something that the FBI would have seized from Michael Vick's house when they crushed his dog fighting operation. Now trust me, I can get gangster but to me, rule number 1 of Read more [...]
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The Best Survival Saw for Your Bug Out Bag. Period.

Chopping wood sucks. Especially with crappy equipment. When it comes to survival, being able to easily acquire firewood and construct shelters without using massive amounts of energy can be the difference between thriving and kicking the bucket. In this article I am going to discuss my personal favorite collapsible survival saw for a bug out bag and why I believe this to be the best survival saw for your bug out bag. I spend a great deal of time in the woods and I enjoy getting by with less Read more [...]
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Post Apocalyptic Refrigeration – Electricity Free Fridge for SHTF.

I have the best readership in the world and this idea was brought to my attention by an e-mail from a reader. This is an incredibly simple way to refrigerate without electricity provided you live in a hot, arid climate and have access to water. This is the post apocalyptic refrigerator that will preserve your food for weeks and can be constructed very simply, it was invented in Sub-Saharan Africa using ancient technology and it can be replicated very easily at home. All you need to build this Read more [...]
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Submit Your Own Survival and Apocalyptic Articles!

New feature on the site is the ability to guest post! You can  now easily submit an article on any relevant topic and add 2 links back to your own site! The rules are as follows: Must be original content written by you. Must be 300 words or more. Must be interesting and relevant. Thanks for your submission I will get it up as soon as possible! I will be selecting from the most popular articles to receive prizes and the potential of a paid writing spot! Submit an article now!   Read more [...]
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How Much More Debt Can the U.S. Handle Before Economic Collapse?

How much debt can the United States of America Handle? Over 80% of Americans think our government is a broken entity. Roughly 75% of Americans believe that politicians and government officials aren't honest. What does this say about the future of our country? The underlying factor driving all of this animosity is the fact that America is in enormous debt. The people of this country are constantly being lied to, so understandably they find government officials to be dishonest. It certainly isn't Read more [...]
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Lack of Freedom of Speech and Censorship in China

This is a piece I wrote a few years back for another website but it is still equally relevant today and it is an interesting read. On the emphasis is clearly on aspects of survival without modern comforts; however I find it to be poignant to discuss geopolitics as it not only evokes a great deal of passion within me, it is the most likely culprit for shtf or post apocalyptic society. I also get a kick out of the e-mail and comments that this type of article invokes. Read more [...]
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ALICE Packs Vs. MOLLE: Which Bag Are You Bugging Out With?

Many people ask me if ALICE packs are better than MOLLE packs. But in a competition of ALICE vs MOLLE packs who comes out on top? Both backpacks have a history of service with the US military and are of a solid construction. If you are worried about quality, durability and reliability who is the victor in an ALICE vs MOLLE batttle? The All Purpose Light Weight Individual Carrying Equipment, or ALICE as it is called, is the earlier model of United States Military backpacking gear and has a large Read more [...]
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What Happens When You Try to Get On a Plane With a Knife.

So I recently took a flight from Virginia to California and in my haste to catch the plane, I forgot to check my carry on bag before packing it. Needless to say, I found out what happens when you try to get through the TSA with a USMC Ka Bar. Now I know this was completely my fault and I should have been better prepared and this all could have been avoided; but sometimes in life you are in a rush which usually leads to fuck ups. I had to leave straight from work to the airport and the job I have Read more [...]
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